The Bougie Boogie


    I have a dilemma. On the one hand, I find myself seeking out other artists. Learning different techniques and developing friendships is my goal. So far a lot of the individual artists are very supportive.


    On the other hand, I was pretty much raised to be a warrior. That’s no exaggeration; I’m a 3rd generation soldier. Ever since I was little I was Cub scout leader, boy scout leader and so on in my military career. Now I work with federal law enforcement. So what’s the problem?


      Most of the actual community functions like high school and I’m not overly concerned with the popular clique. I’m more into the results. For once I find myself staying on the periphery, wondering why I’m there.

I don’t like most artists, but I love their work.


    It’s like finding your people after a lifetime of searching and realizing you don’t belong with them. And it’s not their fault; you’ve been changed too much.


     All the things that I’ve grown to value are typically  despised. How can I be a member of a community and care so little for its values? What’s wrong with me?


    Hmmm…that’s a very familiar refrain. NOW I remember!

   I felt the same way as a little kid.

    I wasn’t always so into fighting. Maybe I just need to stick it out and try harder. After all, I LOVE art. Shouldn’t I be able to get along better with those that love it as well?


     Just a different kind of fight then. Mission accepted.


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