Monthly Archives: November 2015



Happy customers equal happy artist!

      Well, I’m finally getting ready to do it. I’m going to start selling prints of my art!  It took awhile to build up a decent portfolio of work,  but I’m finally there.


      Today I’m taking my more traditional work in to be scanned. My scanner is okay but it’s not large enough for anything above 8.5×11. Luckily we have larger ones at work. Plus our photographers are more familiar with reproducing images, something I haven’t done since art school.


      Until then, it’ll be a few more images made. I’m trying not to scare myself off. This is my dream and I don’t want to fail at it! I’m not afraid to though.


If it Lives it Dies


     That exceptionally handsome young man is the son of a soldier. He’s the grandson of one as well and the father of a soldier. My family are soldiers like Skywalkers are Jedi.



      I grew up saying the pledge of allegiance. I was a cub scout,  boy scout, and Captain America was my favorite superhero. Of course I knew we weren’t perfect; I grew up in the south in the 70’s and there was no hiding from THAT. But I picked fights with bullies and loved rock(i.e. classic rock). I was fine.

      I guess I still serve my country. My jobs since I got out have been with various agencies. But I do it from outside now.

      I dream of people I killed occasionally.

     Being a patriot isn’t about blindly thinking your country is perfect. It’s about having a family, knowing a few have serious problems and trying to work it out.
      Do what you can when you can to be supportive. And loving your family doesn’t mean you automatically hate everyone else,  right?