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 Playing around, creating new images with Illustrator. A lot of time has passed and I’m looking forward to getting really busy soon.




 Soon, it’ll be time for me to get busy with all the bodybuilders I’m going to be drawing. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ve close to finding the winner for my muse contest. In the meantime, here’s a picture I did based on a photo by a friend, Seawolf, on deviantart. Enjoy!


Muse of the Month Contest!


I STILL don’t know how I got that look with the hair, lol

Great news! I’m starting a new thing on my blog called “muse of the month”! In other words, you guys are going to make suggestions about a drawing for me to work on and I’ll show you the steps and discuss it, leading up to the finished piece! So basically it’ll be a tutorial my readers come up with! How cool is that?

With my growing workload, once a month is about as often as I can pull this off. but as you write in with your suggestions, I’ll read them and decide. Of course your name or handle will be mentioned as the spark for my art. So get into your imagination and let’s give it a whirl! Oh, one more thing; family photos, if done, will not be formal. They will be changed but familiar. So if you don’t mind seeing your mom and dad as one of the Herculoids, let’s do this!

Taking steps


for smudging, I built my own brush


Since I’m starting to get ” how to” questions, I hope these pic that I’ve made will help. For shading I never use the dodge or burn tool, preferring instead to use smudging. With about 52% opacity on the tool I get a fairly sketchy look. To me it feels more like actual drawing that way. I used to until recently lay down the mid tone first, then add the shadow or highlight later. nowadays I start from the darkest. I do this by squinting at my subject and dividing the lighting into three layers.

when I need an inbetween color I take my brush tool reduce its hardness to zero, opacity to 34% and slowly add a bit of each color until I get the one I need. Its hard to explain, but if you look at my piece called Baklumps you should see an example of the technique in the corner of that pic.