Monthly Archives: March 2016



    I sold this picture while working on it, riding the train! Isn’t that crazy? The lady in the seat directly behind me watched me create it and asked if she could purchase it. I was so happy!

    Now I’m not so sure it was the right thing to do.

    She could have easily had me create a commission piece. This was an attempt at speed work. So it has flaws. But if she enjoyed it, that shouldn’t matter, right?



the Void


      I had to lie to my mom yesterday. I won’t bore you with the details. The gist of what I told her was that I’m fine.


      It’s kind of true though. I’m as well as a person who has had a piece of their soul forcibly torn off can be. Perfectly functional.

      Except when I’m not.


      It was during a “not” period that I found myself watching Kill Bill vol1 and becoming interested in the character Gogo Yubarai. Something about her violently teetering on the brink of madness made her incredibly desirable to me. So I decided to draw her.


      I have to admit, I am becoming a lot better at rendering hair in this format. I wish that were a uniform thing but alas, it’s not. Oh well…


      In the end I placed the silhouette of Beatrice behind her. Why? She represents her passage from madness to true release. Her own angel of Death to the lands beyond, where what was lost can truly be forgotten.

    Rough week.