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My Sweet Forever Never


       Okay by now it should be abundantly clear that I have a type. Everyone does, not everyone can admit it, even to themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that; if we all like the same things there’d be no variety. The problem comes when you like something that doesn’t return the affection or worse, can be detrimental to you. I love Lamborghinis, but if I bought one I’d have to live in it!

     Likewise there may be a style of art that you admire greatly that you find almost impossible to master. Oh you know all the technical rules and have strived to be coherent in it. But it could be that your natural style opposes this.  Meanwhile you’re the world greatest at creating space illustrations. So here’s my questions:

     Do you continue to be mediocre at something you’re interested in? Or do you go the easy route to greatness and acclaim?




          I think this year for my vacation I’m going to stay in the mainland. Too close to not wanting that extra effort to pay off. It’s not something I can put a finger on. But I will.


          This is Lee Haney,  8 times Mr Olympia. I met him years ago and was impressed most by his demeanor. Here was a man who had every reason to be a narcissistic ass, but he wasn’t. He showed me that greatness that self evaluates is greatness controlled. I draw him occasionally, usually when I’m doing my own evaluation.


         Hopefully you guys are doing the same. Whether in art or life.

Always know you.



         I’m going to be doing a series of images with girls and bikes being the theme. Some of my biker friends asked why I never drew anything like that. There’s no reason and the subject intrigues me so I’ll give it a shot.


        First though, I have to get over drawing faces. I figure it won’t be much longer…