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Busy, busy

DLB 001

My scanner SUCKS

 I hope you guys like my notebook sketches. I do them in pen and shade in pencil, but this time I used my markers. I’m also working on another picture that came to me yesterday.

DemonGYM 001

I know, my fonts are terrible


Show [No] Go

       Travel has been a big part of the last few weeks of my life. It’s good to be home, in a lot of ways.

      My life studies are still going on. I’ve gotten a little better, though I won’t pretend to have mastered anything yet. Work in progress, right?

     It’s not skin tones or their shading that bothers me. It’s hair! I’m finding that while there is one overall dynamic to doing it, variation on the theme is extensive!

    So these images have allowed me to get somewhat better at creating realism.

      This sketchbook is clearly filling up a lot faster than others. Maybe I’m getting better at making casual art? Who knows…

     I have a lot of work to get caught up on. Maybe I will have time to draw again in a few days. Things are THAT hectic. It’s hard to find time for my own art while working on stuff for others.

      It could be worse I guess. These were problems I wanted last year, lol. Unforseen consequences.

     So. This picture took me almost an hour. Not bad. 

    See? Practice pays. 😉

A Good Life

     I’m doing a series of sketches for a young lady that will be made into postcards for her. Easy enough work, and she seems easy to please.

     So many of my projects are like this. Cute drawings meant to flatter without being overly expensive or extensive. I don’t mind; it keeps me active without getting bogged down on one thing.

     I feel pretty content right now. No, it won’t last, but it’s not supposed to. Your good times get spaced out so you can enjoy them. 

Do so.

Help! Squirrels!


       Just a quick sketch of Dean Winchester from the show “Supernatural”.That is, if I gave him less forehead, lol! I’m actually getting ready to create a piece with the Winchester and Ventures. It’s going to be a two part image, juxtaposing supernatural against superscience. In the meantime I’m doing thumbnails with stickies☺



      Hope you guys enjoy it!  I’ve got to get back to work. Later.

My Sweet Forever Never


       Okay by now it should be abundantly clear that I have a type. Everyone does, not everyone can admit it, even to themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that; if we all like the same things there’d be no variety. The problem comes when you like something that doesn’t return the affection or worse, can be detrimental to you. I love Lamborghinis, but if I bought one I’d have to live in it!

     Likewise there may be a style of art that you admire greatly that you find almost impossible to master. Oh you know all the technical rules and have strived to be coherent in it. But it could be that your natural style opposes this.  Meanwhile you’re the world greatest at creating space illustrations. So here’s my questions:

     Do you continue to be mediocre at something you’re interested in? Or do you go the easy route to greatness and acclaim?



         I’m going to be doing a series of images with girls and bikes being the theme. Some of my biker friends asked why I never drew anything like that. There’s no reason and the subject intrigues me so I’ll give it a shot.


        First though, I have to get over drawing faces. I figure it won’t be much longer…



   I’m a terrible person to try to keep up with. A lot of things have happened to me recently and I was sidelined for a moment. Still, I only slowed down and my drawing was always at the forefront of my concerns.

    Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been doing more”traditional” type work. For me, it’s a little easier to do; I still find myself concentrating somewhat to illustrate digitally. Oh well…


    This image bothers me. It’s not that it’s inaccurate or incomplete. It took all of 10 minutes to realize what was wrong; I like her. When you draw someone you like, there’s a glow on them, but it’s only in your head. So it gets lost in the recreation. That’s why artists tend to repeatedly draw their muses to some extent; you can’t draw love, you can only feel it.

Pretty People Don’t Lie


     There’s a reason now for why this isn’t linked to my Facebook page. I’m being harangued by a lot of pretty girls to draw their images. Remember the redhead I was drawing for awhile? Well she’s a close friend (eyes front buddy, no hanky panky here) and she put the word out.

       Anyway…yes the above image looks a little sketchy. Usually I would do my lines and delete it; it never occurred to me that I was leaving out a whole step in my process. My bad!


Maybe this step too?

     Lately I’ve noticed that my hand shakes. Not a lot. I’m sure a normal person wouldn’t notice,  but the ability to create smooth arcing lines is kinda useful. I’ll admit that formal training may help, so I’m going to take some art classes next semester. Stay tuned…

Energetic Possibilities


      TaDaaaaa! I’m done with all my client based art, so onto the fun stuff!  Just in time too, because I was beginning to feel a little exposed. On the plus side, my art got better, so no complaints.

      My furnace broke down weeks ago and since I live in the mid Atlantic area, that’s a big deal. It hasn’t stopped me from pretending that I’m a starving artist at the turn of the 20th century, working on commission. Only you know, without the hassles of walking EVERYWHERE.


       I have a couple of ideas for images that I jotted down when I was too busy with the work of others to do them. Looking forward to conquering the riddle of hair (hint:my digital skills need serious work). But hey, if all pork chops were perfect, we wouldn’t have hotdogs, right?

Racer S, part 1


     Annnd we’re off! Really looking forward to this all week as I began work on a new piece. I decided to give it a little of the speed racer feel and driving skills not withstanding,  make the talent into a born driver. So I worked on a pose to give her that dynamic quality of being girly, yet ready for action.


     It still has to look like our lovely model, even in this new position so I create a matrix of her face and body to get the proportions correct. This will help later in case I want to make slight adjustments to her expression. Some of you already know the drill;  head is 5 eyes wide, eyes are in center of total headspace, edges of mouth intersect center of eyes and ears are eyebrows to nose. That’s the mathematical representation of human symmetry and beauty!


     No driver is ever the same without their awesome ride! Unfortunately, I forgot to save this image until I had already started line work! I HATE doing that part; I have nerve damage to my hands and it involves a lot of smooth flowing lines. Still, it has to be done and all the erasing is worth it in the end. As you can see,  I’m grouping each aspect of the image individually.  That way any changes I need to make to individual sections can be accomplished without changing the whole. Smart, huh?


   This is the overall effect. Some aspects will change as I tweak the image, but for the most part, I’ve got a good base. Some design elements will clearly need to be addressed;  I reversed the image and it felt a little clunky with the flag. However, I’m happy with the design and when complete, some cute little muse is going to have an awesome poster or t-shirt! For now though, there’s a lot of line work to do,  so enjoy your weekend!