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What can Why


   Slowly starting to find my target market for my art. Much like a Google search, it required me to wade past all the porn first.


     I pretty much get all the usual requests; my girlfriend naked, movie star naked, cosplay/fictional character naked, etc. There’s only one problem…

…I almost never see women walking around naked daily.

    Weird, huh?


     Now ladies I will give guys this: yoga pants and spandex (A.) aren’t clothing and (B.) leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination. I feel comfortable in my underwear too. But I don’t wear them in public…


     Having said that, I find myself drawing a lot of physically fit women. So I’ve decided to draw them the way they look working out.


    It’s not an empowerment choice as much as it is me personally not wanting to be that guy who can only draw pin ups.


      I want to draw anything I want and have my patrons believe I can. Otherwise I get to be one more in a sea of tna artists. That doesn’t sound like growth to me. Do what you love, sure. But who says love is supposed to be stagnant?


My Sweet Forever Never


       Okay by now it should be abundantly clear that I have a type. Everyone does, not everyone can admit it, even to themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that; if we all like the same things there’d be no variety. The problem comes when you like something that doesn’t return the affection or worse, can be detrimental to you. I love Lamborghinis, but if I bought one I’d have to live in it!

     Likewise there may be a style of art that you admire greatly that you find almost impossible to master. Oh you know all the technical rules and have strived to be coherent in it. But it could be that your natural style opposes this.  Meanwhile you’re the world greatest at creating space illustrations. So here’s my questions:

     Do you continue to be mediocre at something you’re interested in? Or do you go the easy route to greatness and acclaim?

The Wall of Why


     Listening to Sugar Ray while sitting in my art room drinking shots.  How old school is that? I’m actually adding my shadow layer now. Since shadows are never actually black (unless you’re that feeb, batman), I try to pick a color that’s on the far end range of the neutral skin tone I chose. Also, an overall warmth will be a part of this image so instead of a cooler version I went with a reddish brown.


     I’ll admit that I have no real preference as to where I start my shading process. I’m sure there’s probably a very technical reason for it; to me it simply feels right. Lately I’ve been reading about how digital art seems “soulless” to some. As a personal choice I try not to completely smooth out my shadows and layers of color. I actually like my stuff a little rough! Again no true reason for it, other than it appeals to me. Could it be that I’m starting to develop my own style?…



After going to the Motor Trend International Auto Show, I decided that a new mustang GT was definitely in my future! I took lots of pictures and learned something really important; this car sucks at taking photos! I’ve always been a Ford guy, but the new European mustang is going to need an American front end at some point. Still, I’m in.

I know the modifications I need to make, so that kinda stuff comes easy. However, having a drawing of the vehicle makes it a little easier to know what parts look good on her. Yes her. AmyLee to be precise.

So after getting this far in Photoshop, I realized my line work just wasn’t clean enough to get the look I wanted. I was bummed until I remembered I had Illustrator! So I switched programs and used my anchor points to clean up the lines. Voila!

AmyLeeI was so happy with it that I decided to save it as a template. With a little more detail, it should make a great start for people to customize! What do you think guys? Should I?…

Makin Bacon Pancakes!


This week I learned that all the driving skills I picked up in Germany years ago are still relevant. Namely how to negotiate the terrain on the ice planet Hoth. Stupid ice storm! I drove through it for four states. Fun times…


Anywho, for this image, I’m trying a few different techniques. I’m trying to be a little more versatile and its actually fun! Also, I’m making a LOT of new friends in the art world. Honestly, I think of my skillset as being in the lower 20%, but I’m on the ladder and climbing and getting better all the time. One day these images will be a four hour deal and I’ll move up to more realism. But since I grew up on comics and cartoons, it reflects in my style.

Am I STILL Here?


Recently things have been a little hectic for me, I’ll admit. But one thing hasn’t changed; my relentless commitment to getting myself back to Hawaii! So I bought my ticket yesterday. I really need this trip! Besides, I might meet my cute little character there…

Cafe Muse, part3


Sorry about the gap guys, I’ve been really busy with all the work I picked up from the bodybuilding show I attended. Add to that the gymwear and logos and…well, let’s say doing all that and working a full time job has left me short on time!

As you can see from the above photo, I pretty much got everything the way I wanted in the photo. Now I merge all my shading layers down into one layer. Then, using the lasso tool, I outlined all my skin tones. Finally, I use Ctrl+U to get my saturation tool to adjust skin color. Make sure you select the colorize box!


Little by little, select and isolate the colors needed to create the look you want.


Next, I began to add facial highlights. I’m going to be honest; If this picture were going for more realism, I wouldn’t use these at ALL. I mean, there’s no truly white areas on your body, right? (sorry vampires)


This step is optional, changing the line colors. I don’t always do it, but sometimes it works really well. Others…well, that’s what Ctrl+Z is for. Plus in the side by side comparison the image seems a little wide.


I added a background gradient, then erased a strip out of it. I’m not going to get too fancy with it. Besides, its a poster so I could put a year calendar, a memo spot or anything she wants there.

Hope you guys enjoyed the basic premise! Of course the hair will be done on the finished piece, but now you know how it’ll happen. Good luck and have fun!

Getting started



Hey everyone! A lot of you have seem to like my artwork and given me the confidence to post more of it. So it’ll be showing up here! Hope you enjoy it all, starting with this piece!

It’s my first painting style digital art. I decided to give this technique a try and I must say I really like the way it turned out. I’ll probably do more like these…