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Two Dimensional Worlds


   First the good news. Jezebelle and I are registered for a car show!  For those not in the know,  that’s the name of my Mustang. I also have a bodybuilding show to attend,  so hopefully I’ll get lots of commissions. Send me good vibes, ok?


     Now for the rest of the story…to me, this is an incomplete picture. I’ve been trying to mix my prismacolor and markers together to make a more interesting look. Well yesterday I had someone accuse me of gluing a photo onto paper!

     This person claimed to be an artist and it really upset me,  because they did it publicly at the train station in D.C.. Others were there and I was about to say something when this senior lady named Bethany called her out. She told her how she’d watched me draw the eyes from over my shoulder and that a so called real artist should be able to see that. I was so relieved! Bethany,  wherever you are,  thank you!


Pretty Girl


Today I managed to finish my line work! It was not as bad as I thought, so I decided to Export my image into Photoshop. Sounds easy right? Well, it wasn’t! First it didn’t want to take my resolution, then it tried to merge my layers. I finally got what I wanted and started to set it up in ‘shop.


Once I had it there, I decided to clone the “detail” layer (ctrl J) then merge it with the line work layer. I also decided to add a color background in order to make sure no gaps appeared in my colors. I chose gray.


Having combined the layers allowed me to make selections that I could color anyway necessary. I chose a black and dark gray layers to add those colors in appropriately.


That’s it for tonight. Not only will I finish this soon, my muse for next month has already said yes! It’s so good to be me…



After going to the Motor Trend International Auto Show, I decided that a new mustang GT was definitely in my future! I took lots of pictures and learned something really important; this car sucks at taking photos! I’ve always been a Ford guy, but the new European mustang is going to need an American front end at some point. Still, I’m in.

I know the modifications I need to make, so that kinda stuff comes easy. However, having a drawing of the vehicle makes it a little easier to know what parts look good on her. Yes her. AmyLee to be precise.

So after getting this far in Photoshop, I realized my line work just wasn’t clean enough to get the look I wanted. I was bummed until I remembered I had Illustrator! So I switched programs and used my anchor points to clean up the lines. Voila!

AmyLeeI was so happy with it that I decided to save it as a template. With a little more detail, it should make a great start for people to customize! What do you think guys? Should I?…