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All the News


      While at home Friday, I was watching the news here in Baltimore and noticed something amazing; our weather lady was hot! Yes yes, they put cute heads on television all the time, but this was different. This girl had a porn worthy body and they almost NEVER let women like that on air. (except Galavision and Univision, bless you both)

   When I worked out of the DC bureau for ABCNews, we noticed this. Some of the PA’s definitely had custom car bodies, but the producers preferred the more model types.  The fact was if you were simply stunning, you probably didn’t get to go on air. Maybe they wanted the women to not be too pretty or sexy, maybe the old duffers upstairs had a type and only picked it. But it was definitely discriminatory towards certain types of beauty.

    So here I was staring at someone who met that mold, on air! I guess times are changing. It might be a good sign. After all, for many ethnic women you could only be two types, big mama or beanpole. It’s cool to see an average woman with an adult build make it. A little less hypocrisy is always a good thing.


Good Deeds Will Be Punished



   Hope you guys had a happy holiday! Mine was average, but a day off can be it’s own reward, so I won’t complain. In fact, it actually lead to me doing a fun little piece of art this weekend!

Remember how I told you guys that I’d joined a little sketchbook group before? No? Well whose fault is that!? Damn kids…anyway, it got me to thinking about all the art connections I could make online.

    For artists, cosplayers are a godsend. They are always ready to pose for pictures, are friendly about explaining the source material and best of all, LOVE the idea of someone drawing them as their roles. That last one is a huge help to me, so I decided to join a community and see if anyone was willing to do so. I got a lot of takers!

Clearly the paying work comes first, no question. But how can I resist when someone this cute wants me to draw her?




As you can see, things moved right along on the image. It took about 6 hours, with me making myself not stare out my window. This one has a little more fun to it. I’m still debating on whether or not to add snowflakes in the image, but one idea had been playing around in my brain and that was to show the camera.


I’m a little iffy on the black and white effect around the edges, but she loved it, so it stays. Again, if you want an image of your choice to be next, please make a suggestion. The best one will be next month’s muse.

Makin Bacon Pancakes!


This week I learned that all the driving skills I picked up in Germany years ago are still relevant. Namely how to negotiate the terrain on the ice planet Hoth. Stupid ice storm! I drove through it for four states. Fun times…


Anywho, for this image, I’m trying a few different techniques. I’m trying to be a little more versatile and its actually fun! Also, I’m making a LOT of new friends in the art world. Honestly, I think of my skillset as being in the lower 20%, but I’m on the ladder and climbing and getting better all the time. One day these images will be a four hour deal and I’ll move up to more realism. But since I grew up on comics and cartoons, it reflects in my style.

Am I STILL Here?


Recently things have been a little hectic for me, I’ll admit. But one thing hasn’t changed; my relentless commitment to getting myself back to Hawaii! So I bought my ticket yesterday. I really need this trip! Besides, I might meet my cute little character there…

Finished work


The more I fail, the more I win

Well, its done! I was going to wait awhile to give this to my customer, but I needed to brighten up my day and it made her happy. And a happy customer spreads the word! Now I’m going back home, well compensated, and starting on the next project…