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It [doesn’t] Hurt


  Man it’s been plenty cold this week. I’ve been living on the road, working. Hotel time is drawing time, so I decided to do something to remind me of warmer climes.


     I’m getting better at drawing bodies at off angles. Practice helps, right?


       Again I use a three color process to set up my images. It helps me see what I have in mind and brings it out.


     There! Now I feel a little bit better. Sorry I didn’t write a whole lot about it, since I’m working offsite this week. Too bad I can’t be in Miami!


Makin Bacon Pancakes!


This week I learned that all the driving skills I picked up in Germany years ago are still relevant. Namely how to negotiate the terrain on the ice planet Hoth. Stupid ice storm! I drove through it for four states. Fun times…


Anywho, for this image, I’m trying a few different techniques. I’m trying to be a little more versatile and its actually fun!¬†Also, I’m making a LOT of new friends in the art world. Honestly, I think of my skillset as being in the lower 20%, but I’m on the ladder and climbing and getting better all the time. One day these images will be a four hour deal and I’ll move up to more realism. But since I grew up on comics and cartoons, it reflects in my style.