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I suppose I could just occupy myself with work and get through this the old way. Honestly I don’t feel like drawing right now, but I also can’t stop, lol.

Figured a landscape would make me feel less cooped up, but the only thing I could think of was the ride to work. Scenic train ride is definitely missed.

I have a few parts of my day that are fun though. So this particular view is one that I have every morning; the station at New Carrollton,MD. I’m pretty good at this one because I’m always staring at the side facing the morning sun.

Now this parking garage I almost left as a silhouette. But I knew that wouldn’t work…

Although once I finished it I regretted it. It’s so hard for me to stay interested, but I need to get better at it!

So I cleaned up the image and darkened the building so that it wouldn’t stand out so much.

Now I feel better about being stuck at home.


It [doesn’t] Hurt


  Man it’s been plenty cold this week. I’ve been living on the road, working. Hotel time is drawing time, so I decided to do something to remind me of warmer climes.


     I’m getting better at drawing bodies at off angles. Practice helps, right?


       Again I use a three color process to set up my images. It helps me see what I have in mind and brings it out.


     There! Now I feel a little bit better. Sorry I didn’t write a whole lot about it, since I’m working offsite this week. Too bad I can’t be in Miami!

Am I STILL Here?


Recently things have been a little hectic for me, I’ll admit. But one thing hasn’t changed; my relentless commitment to getting myself back to Hawaii! So I bought my ticket yesterday. I really need this trip! Besides, I might meet my cute little character there…