Monthly Archives: April 2014

A Surprise Funeral


…a little Bristol board, some ink, a comic and a little practice equals a pretty good Jim Lee impersonation!  Although my hair lines don’t flow as well as his…

   Today is draw a bodybuilder day! Betcha can’t wait now, right?


Conscientious Hooker


   The morning is going great!  Not only do I have the whole day to work on my art, I actually got one of the hottest girls I’ve seen in awhile to be a model for my next piece!  When she asked where she needed to come for the shoot, I explained that since my images were digital, I only needed reference photos. Of course, with my current workload I have no idea how to add her in…

I’m Your Suicide


     One cannot ask questions of someone who is concentrating on sketching…that needs to be a rule. It happens to me all the time now, but the most insensitive request came from the woman yesterday who wanted to look through my sketchbook…while I was drawing in it! People.

The Needy



    I have a new fear and it seems to be a foolish one. I’m getting a lot of word of mouth here in the last few weeks. So much so that I’m booked out for the next couple of weeks!  Yay! That’s the good part.

   I’m experiencing burn out.

   Luckily, a cure has reared its head and it involves traditional artwork!  I was afraid that I was doing too much, but luckily a change of venue is keeping me fresh…



    I got a little more art time in last night, so I colored the pic. While doing so, I got an idea for a background based on the name I came up with. Now I’m a little stressed because it came out pretty well! Now the image has to be at the same level…

   …mission accepted. Can’t wait to get back to work tonight. I even intend to put off sex!

Self Medicated


     I’ll admit that I have a really low threshold for boredom. At least I’m open about it, but it’s been known to get me in trouble. Trouble like having someone walk into your engineering booth during a live production only to find me drawing the above image. Did I mention that the someone’s were my supervisor and the lady I was doing the program for? No?

     Well, it was.

     The show went off without a hitch.