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Keep it Apart

       So with #inktober fast approaching, my apprehension about my upcoming project is high. While I believe in my abilities, it’s a pretty daunting task!

   Luckily for me, I’m used to producing results in a timely manner. This past year has left me with huge improvements in my skillset; the script writing was a new skill as well as inking. 

    Lots of artist will be participating this year, so I’m honestly excited about the prospect. Hopefully I impress a lot of people, but the experience will tell me a lot. 

    In the meantime, I’m wrapping up all the pending images I had to complete, like this one. Some people aren’t expecting theirs yet. Oh well… I’m not going to rush, but come Friday, I expect to have completed five.

    I’ll be posting here of course. You guys will get to see plenty of work. 


Self Medicated


     I’ll admit that I have a really low threshold for boredom. At least I’m open about it, but it’s been known to get me in trouble. Trouble like having someone walk into your engineering booth during a live production only to find me drawing the above image. Did I mention that the someone’s were my supervisor and the lady I was doing the program for? No?

     Well, it was.

     The show went off without a hitch.