Monthly Archives: October 2016

Love Sores

   Happy Halloween! I’m in a pretty good mood because I can get back to normal work after today! 

    Of course, I did more than a drawing a day. It took a lot of effort, but the sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile. I know one thing; never try that again unless I’m completely on vacation!

    It surprised me that some of you were so interested in what I was doing. Because of it I’m going to scan it and add the dialogue and finish up. 

     If I made a new fan, thanks for your interest. If you’re new to me, please go through my archives to see even more art.



Crumple Zones

Apparently, my family has big plans for my trip home on Thanksgiving. Personally, I’m just trying to lose enough weight to meet my end of year goals, but my mom has other ideas.

      My work is coming along nicely. I can’t wait for this month to be over! There are a lot of reasons, with the whole issue of art projects being a small part.

     I also have home repair, and several work projects that require travel. It’s as though life waited until #inktober to pile on!

    Still, I’m a little amazed at my ability to juggle all of it. What was so daunting at the start of the month has become at worst a mildly exasperating endeavor. And I can see the end of the month rapidly approaching.

 Go me.

Telekinetic Tykes Taste Terrible

    I have to get more organized! I have the script for multiple pages and the time to knock out a few every week. Good right? Well…

      The problem is that I still have a full time job. A great one, but it kinda consumes a lot of my time. I try not to let it get out of hand. With all the video production planned this month, it’s been a bit of a tightrope. 

     So I’ve decided to eliminate any and all social interaction for now. Except I’m doing photography and video at a pro bodybuilding show this weekend and that’s VERY time consuming! What have I done?! How am I going to meet my obligations? WHAT IF I FAIL?!!!!

                        *deep breaths*

     Okay. I have six pages. It’s no Illiad, but a short story should still be worth telling. I’ll give it my best, as always.

     At least you guys are in it with me. Thanks for that. 😊


     I have been one BUSY guy! It feels as if I’ve been drawing nonstop, which is actually a good thing.

     I told you guys that I’d post my panels for this month and I will. But I’m also considering posting my side art too! What do you guys think?

   There’s been a lot of positive feedback so far. My life has come to a complete halt of course. Still, my work is flourishing and I’m pretty content.

Play Through the Pain

      I recently discovered that doing military presses with 200lbs can injure you, the hard way. I guess I’m getting old. It required a few X-ray images, but luckily it’s just a ligament strain. But it’s my drawing arm, so…

        Doing this picture made me very happy for a few reasons. The first is that I was worried about how the fur would turn out, but it came out aces. Second, she was so excited about it that she told ALL of her cosplay friends! So I have a ton of projects lined up, if my arm doesn’t fall off first…