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I’m going blind

I have glaucoma. It’s pretty far along. They were supposed to operate but I can’t afford it and now my right eye is almost completely gone. My left is down to 86%. And I’m freaking all the way out.

I’m not sure if they can save my eye. I hope so. But I’m really scared right now. I’ve drawn all my life. I don’t have any memories of not doing it. My job is photographer/video editor/ artists.

What happens when I lose my sight? Forever?

I don’t live with anyone. There’s no family nearby. And I suffer from the kind of mental issues that are mocking my continued efforts to not give in to despair. Suddenly that suicide thing that I’ve been holding at bay feels like a mercy killing.

As an artist, if you’d ask me what I feared more than anything, it would have been losing my sight, with losing my hands a close second.

I’m not close to anyone. I’ve been dealing with this by myself for months. The surgery can only save what’s left, maybe. And because it’s the optic nerve that’s dying…well, maybe it’s already done.

I gotta have the surgery. I need to. But my window is closing and soon it won’t matter. I’ll be in the dark. And I’ll never come back.


Love Sores

   Happy Halloween! I’m in a pretty good mood because I can get back to normal work after today! 

    Of course, I did more than a drawing a day. It took a lot of effort, but the sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile. I know one thing; never try that again unless I’m completely on vacation!

    It surprised me that some of you were so interested in what I was doing. Because of it I’m going to scan it and add the dialogue and finish up. 

     If I made a new fan, thanks for your interest. If you’re new to me, please go through my archives to see even more art.



     I have been one BUSY guy! It feels as if I’ve been drawing nonstop, which is actually a good thing.

     I told you guys that I’d post my panels for this month and I will. But I’m also considering posting my side art too! What do you guys think?

   There’s been a lot of positive feedback so far. My life has come to a complete halt of course. Still, my work is flourishing and I’m pretty content.