Monthly Archives: September 2016

Keep it Apart

       So with #inktober fast approaching, my apprehension about my upcoming project is high. While I believe in my abilities, it’s a pretty daunting task!

   Luckily for me, I’m used to producing results in a timely manner. This past year has left me with huge improvements in my skillset; the script writing was a new skill as well as inking. 

    Lots of artist will be participating this year, so I’m honestly excited about the prospect. Hopefully I impress a lot of people, but the experience will tell me a lot. 

    In the meantime, I’m wrapping up all the pending images I had to complete, like this one. Some people aren’t expecting theirs yet. Oh well… I’m not going to rush, but come Friday, I expect to have completed five.

    I’ll be posting here of course. You guys will get to see plenty of work. 



     I’ve been so busy writing the script for my short comic! It’s a little daunting, but I feel that I did a decent job.

      Now I have two weeks to do storyboards. I’m pretty excited for this part. Some of the images have been in my head the entire time, so I’m happy to put them on paper.

      Of course, this means I am going to be SUPER busy next month. Hopefully you guys will be following along as I create my first comic!

   So if you enjoy what I bring, keep checking in for more updates!

Give a Lot, Get a Little

     Everyone wants to be appreciated, even if only on occasion. So being asked to do this picture for money  was an added bonus!

      I love doing anything that requires me  drawing the human (or inhuman) body. The way light catches all of its surfaces and how it all combines to show motion and emotion fascinates me.

      I spent a lot of time creating superheroes as a kid, learning anatomy the Marvel way, lol. When bodybuilding and wrestling came into my world, I studied the human frame, male and female and committed it to memory.

     Honestly, I rarely saw He-Man growing up. So this was really fun to tackle; putting my own spin on Skeletor.

So if you can find a way to do exactly what you want and still be paid, that’s Nirvana, right?..

The Road So Far…

      The last time I wrote you guys, I remarked that you only get to see a tiny amount of my output. This is very true and there’s a couple of reasons for it. 

    Truth be told, I tend not to sell much of what I make. This is from a decision I made long ago about keeping my art pure. When my entire portfolio was stolen years ago, I came to a couple of conclusions; that people didn’t deserve to see my stuff and that it wasn’t that important.

     Now I clearly changed my mind about people because I’m essentially a nice person and visual art is meant to be seen. But my love for my art was diminished by a realization that it would be gone one day.

     What rewired the concept in my head was having my son leave home and go out into the world. True I miss him, but that’s what children do; they grow up and go out to make their mark in the world. My art isn’t my baby. 

      It’s my child, grown up and ready to be seen by the world.

       So yeah, I’m back to selling pieces. And yeah, I’ll still be posting here once a week, showing you guys the steps I take to creating it. Some will be sophisticated pieces, others will be sketches. But they’re all my children.

     Welcome them into your world.