Monthly Archives: May 2022



There’s been a lot of changes in my life in the last year, some good, some difficult. I’ll tell you a bit of it with time. Honestly, I’m back because it’s kinda therapeutic for me to do this kind of thing.

Not bad for one eye!

I’ve been doing a lot of routing and installing at work. It’s very relaxing for me, especially when the building is almost empty and we’re in the middle of testing cameras and video streams. I’ve added a bunch of new skills and since my plan was always to be able to work remotely, I was ahead of the curve.

My kid is no longer a soldier, but he did his part and I’m happy to see him safely home. It’s funny how little I cared about my own safety, but worried constantly about his. I get it, mom. You were right, lol.

I’m not sure if my life is fine. There are things that I want to say, but can’t. I guess some of us got to experience the MCU Blip in real life.