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There’s been a lot of changes in my life in the last year, some good, some difficult. I’ll tell you a bit of it with time. Honestly, I’m back because it’s kinda therapeutic for me to do this kind of thing.

Not bad for one eye!

I’ve been doing a lot of routing and installing at work. It’s very relaxing for me, especially when the building is almost empty and we’re in the middle of testing cameras and video streams. I’ve added a bunch of new skills and since my plan was always to be able to work remotely, I was ahead of the curve.

My kid is no longer a soldier, but he did his part and I’m happy to see him safely home. It’s funny how little I cared about my own safety, but worried constantly about his. I get it, mom. You were right, lol.

I’m not sure if my life is fine. There are things that I want to say, but can’t. I guess some of us got to experience the MCU Blip in real life.


Tears in Rain

A lot of people remember Rutger Hauer as his seminal creation, Roy Batty. Not me. I had no interest in the saxophone tuned, smoke filled crime drama. Nope.

My first Rutger film was Blind Fury.

That movie was a weird, fun filled adventure. It made me laugh. Seeing him walking off in the end made me want to see further adventures.

Next was Split Second.

I’ll be honest; I didn’t see all of it. The Mrs and I were really busy making out (newlyweds). But I do remember believing his character was him. He was a sort of action hero, but a more emotionally honest one

I saw Hitcher while stationed overseas in Germany. It was running in a small theatre in Munchen(Munich) And me, being an idiot went in to see it.

It was in German. But I still got the point.

So finally, FINALLY I decided to give Blade Runner a try. There were a lot of versions, but Netflix only had one. I was divorced, cynical and bitter. Perfect timing, right?

I loved it. It didn’t try to explain the world we were seeing too much. I could almost grasp a lot of it. But I enjoyed two people in it the most.

Rachel. And Roy.

I’m not sure what that says about my mindset then. I guess I had lost a lot of my self identity at that point.

I wasn’t a soldier, husband or even allowed to be a dad. I was holding on to a job and had tried to take my own life. I’d been encouraged to. By my wife.

So the entirety of his very eloquent self eulogy deeply affected me. Here was a man who had lost everything and was about to lose the only thing he had left. And all he wanted was one more day.

So I decided to try it. Just be here one more day. That was nine years ago.

So yeah…Mr Hauer saved me while I metaphorically was dangling by the fingertips. So I drew him twice. He died in the same year Roy Batty did in the movie.


2015 already?


   This is my chopper. I’ve been working on it, a little at a time,  for about 5 years. That’s WAY to long!  So I laid out everything and told myself that I will be riding it in Rolling Thunder this year. Wish me luck!

    I say that because a lot of things are on my plate. I’m not sure when I became so busy; a few of my goals are self-assessed. I have no down time built into my life.  There are the twelve art projects I have to work on at night. The three vehicles, none of which are fully operational. The home repair projects my ex left me. Oh, and the pending bills that I’m still playing catch up with as a result of said marriage going into the crapper. All that.

     The good news is that I’m getting a new car in the fall and selling off the other two. I won’t owe anything but my mortgage by August. I’m going to Hawaii in October…

     Life. No matter what, its always an adventure.