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Greydae Blue


      Aaargh! I lost more of my pencils! This couldn’t happen at a worse time. Since I was in D.C., I decided to go online and search for art supply stores in the area. Not only did one turn up, they had the original mixed media prismacolors!

    I immediately struck out to get to their store. The first leg of the journey was easy; I got on the redline of the metro and rode until we arrived at the North Farragut entrance. Took the escalator up into a gloomy Washington day. Then I had to walk up K street.

      For four blocks.


Was I happy to see this place!

       Of course I became turned around until a good Samaritan told me that it was in the building next to the CVS store on the other side of the street. Once there I walked up to the counter with a little trepidation. Maybe they sold out or didn’t carry them anymore. I was suddenly nervous.

     “Do you guys carry prismacolor pencils? “I asked, barely concealing my anxiety.

     Yes! Yay!

     The staff was very friendly and courteous to me and I was able to acquire my prize.


Mission accomplished!

       Suddenly remembering I’d used up an hour of my 30 minute lunch,  I thanked them profusely and left. It seemed so much brighter outside. Hadn’t it been raining when I got here? Oh well…


Happy New Year!


      Yay, I finished my picture!  Hugs all around. Even though I missed the bodybuilding show that a lot of customers attended,  a couple of people sent me pictures…


      Of course I have no idea what I’m going to do with them. All the images,  coincidentally, are of the female competitors. And this far away. At least they were being helpful,  so if you’re reading this, thanks.

      To be honest a lot of my energy right now is being expended on getting my home repaired. But hey, if you can’t make time to draw, what’s the point?

Post Stupidity


    Woke up this morning and started another picture. I guess you could say that I was struck by inspiration. It definitely had nothing to do with the coughing fit that drug me out of a deep sleep to spit up a lung…

     Nope. Nothing at all.

     I played pool with a guy this weekend while his wife watched. After a couple of games and much drinking and mirth, she remarked that guys seem to fall into friendship so easily. We both looked at her and he said “friends? We don’t even know each other’s name! We’re just having a good time”.

     I think that’s what I’m doing with my life right now. Interacting with people, but not engaging anyone.

    It’s a living.

Infinite Ability, Finite Time


     Hopefully,  today is a day where you remember your heritage and the little Italian slave who went on to bring Christianity to the emerald isle. For the rest of you?

     Don’t get too drunk.

     I’m starting to wonder if I’m approaching the upper limit of my stress threshold. Lately my chest has had sporadic twinges of pain. I would have ignored it when I was younger, but now it worries me, so I’m going to get a check up.


      Walked into my edit suite and found a box under my desk. Apparently it’s been decided that I need a new computer, without checking to see if it’s true. The actual truth is worse; I edit on a Mac and no one else knows how to use it! Plus I’m on Premier Pro, so they’re switching me to Avid. That way a certain employee can use my raw footage. sigh….

       Finally, I’m getting my insurance check to fix my house! My ex has been really helpful. IT MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.



   I’m a terrible person to try to keep up with. A lot of things have happened to me recently and I was sidelined for a moment. Still, I only slowed down and my drawing was always at the forefront of my concerns.

    Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been doing more”traditional” type work. For me, it’s a little easier to do; I still find myself concentrating somewhat to illustrate digitally. Oh well…


    This image bothers me. It’s not that it’s inaccurate or incomplete. It took all of 10 minutes to realize what was wrong; I like her. When you draw someone you like, there’s a glow on them, but it’s only in your head. So it gets lost in the recreation. That’s why artists tend to repeatedly draw their muses to some extent; you can’t draw love, you can only feel it.