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Love Sores

   Happy Halloween! I’m in a pretty good mood because I can get back to normal work after today! 

    Of course, I did more than a drawing a day. It took a lot of effort, but the sense of accomplishment makes it all worthwhile. I know one thing; never try that again unless I’m completely on vacation!

    It surprised me that some of you were so interested in what I was doing. Because of it I’m going to scan it and add the dialogue and finish up. 

     If I made a new fan, thanks for your interest. If you’re new to me, please go through my archives to see even more art.



Good Deeds Will Be Punished



   Hope you guys had a happy holiday! Mine was average, but a day off can be it’s own reward, so I won’t complain. In fact, it actually lead to me doing a fun little piece of art this weekend!

Remember how I told you guys that I’d joined a little sketchbook group before? No? Well whose fault is that!? Damn kids…anyway, it got me to thinking about all the art connections I could make online.

    For artists, cosplayers are a godsend. They are always ready to pose for pictures, are friendly about explaining the source material and best of all, LOVE the idea of someone drawing them as their roles. That last one is a huge help to me, so I decided to join a community and see if anyone was willing to do so. I got a lot of takers!

Clearly the paying work comes first, no question. But how can I resist when someone this cute wants me to draw her?


Am I STILL Here?


Recently things have been a little hectic for me, I’ll admit. But one thing hasn’t changed; my relentless commitment to getting myself back to Hawaii! So I bought my ticket yesterday. I really need this trip! Besides, I might meet my cute little character there…


 Soon, it’ll be time for me to get busy with all the bodybuilders I’m going to be drawing. I can’t wait! In the meantime, I’ve close to finding the winner for my muse contest. In the meantime, here’s a picture I did based on a photo by a friend, Seawolf, on deviantart. Enjoy!