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All the News


      While at home Friday, I was watching the news here in Baltimore and noticed something amazing; our weather lady was hot! Yes yes, they put cute heads on television all the time, but this was different. This girl had a porn worthy body and they almost NEVER let women like that on air. (except Galavision and Univision, bless you both)

   When I worked out of the DC bureau for ABCNews, we noticed this. Some of the PA’s definitely had custom car bodies, but the producers preferred the more model types.  The fact was if you were simply stunning, you probably didn’t get to go on air. Maybe they wanted the women to not be too pretty or sexy, maybe the old duffers upstairs had a type and only picked it. But it was definitely discriminatory towards certain types of beauty.

    So here I was staring at someone who met that mold, on air! I guess times are changing. It might be a good sign. After all, for many ethnic women you could only be two types, big mama or beanpole. It’s cool to see an average woman with an adult build make it. A little less hypocrisy is always a good thing.


Finished work


The more I fail, the more I win

Well, its done! I was going to wait awhile to give this to my customer, but I needed to brighten up my day and it made her happy. And a happy customer spreads the word! Now I’m going back home, well compensated, and starting on the next project…



This is part of a commission I’m doing for a poolhall called Triple Nines here in the area. They’ve been super nice to me and after they saw a piece I did for one of their customers, they wanted a few posters. No problem!


It’s funny though because the ladies got VERY competitive over who should be in it. The owner decided to go with the two who had been around the longest. Still, it was funny to be approached on the side for a paid commission by one of them. Game ON, I guess…