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Temporal Confusion

Holy cow, it’s Thursday! I owe you guys a whole video! Sorry about that. I’m still running around in hyperdrive from work and the days are sort of blending; I made someone a video production slate that said it was Tuesday! Ugh…

I’m trying to be more attentive to my craft this year. I’m also in the middle of home shopping. But you guys aren’t here for that, lol. So here’s my latest project and I hope you like it. This is part 1. Part two will be Monday, I promise. 🙂

I started this drawing in Adobe illustrator, so that I’d have clean lines.

Enjoy your weekend 😉


The Luxury of Sleep

Hey guys! Sorry but I’m super busy with something that should cover my bills for a considerable amount of time if I can accomplish it. But hey, I’m a former paratrooper. The difficult can be done immediately and the impossible takes slightly longer. 😉

So I decided to show you the difference a little time makes. I was happy with this when I first produced it. But one of the ways that you know that you’re growing as an artist is that your old art looks primitive when you see it later. You see where you went wrong.

So fix it.

As you can see, it’s a lot more refined and the hair looks more like hair, lol. I kept her muscularity without losing the graceful flow.

And her hands aren’t big and thick.

And since one person liked my video, here’s another. Again, older work, but just as fun.

See you next week!

The Wall of Why


     Listening to Sugar Ray while sitting in my art room drinking shots.  How old school is that? I’m actually adding my shadow layer now. Since shadows are never actually black (unless you’re that feeb, batman), I try to pick a color that’s on the far end range of the neutral skin tone I chose. Also, an overall warmth will be a part of this image so instead of a cooler version I went with a reddish brown.


     I’ll admit that I have no real preference as to where I start my shading process. I’m sure there’s probably a very technical reason for it; to me it simply feels right. Lately I’ve been reading about how digital art seems “soulless” to some. As a personal choice I try not to completely smooth out my shadows and layers of color. I actually like my stuff a little rough! Again no true reason for it, other than it appeals to me. Could it be that I’m starting to develop my own style?…