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The Luxury of Sleep

Hey guys! Sorry but I’m super busy with something that should cover my bills for a considerable amount of time if I can accomplish it. But hey, I’m a former paratrooper. The difficult can be done immediately and the impossible takes slightly longer. 😉

So I decided to show you the difference a little time makes. I was happy with this when I first produced it. But one of the ways that you know that you’re growing as an artist is that your old art looks primitive when you see it later. You see where you went wrong.

So fix it.

As you can see, it’s a lot more refined and the hair looks more like hair, lol. I kept her muscularity without losing the graceful flow.

And her hands aren’t big and thick.

And since one person liked my video, here’s another. Again, older work, but just as fun.

See you next week!


High Grade


     I have a playlist of anime songs. Apparently it’s very motivational, because I was able to finish the picture I was working on.

      My life has hit a quiet patch; as a consequence of this,  a lot of my ongoing projects are calling for my attention. Plus, I intend to start doing a little more creative art just for fun. So there may be fewer people in the near future.


         The funny thing is that I joined a new group and offered to make this image a procedure tutorial. Hopefully I can pull it off! In the meantime, my next drawing will be of a beautiful Asian lady I met on my train commute! Hope she’s going to tune in!