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All the Stars

Hope you guys had a great weekend! They’re always so short, huh? Anyway here’s an hour of my Saturday…

I’ve been asked before about why I don’t do more complicated pieces. Mostly it’s because I tend to draw for my personal enjoyment. Recently though, I’ve had a few things pop into my head; I just don’t know what format that I would want to use.

Oh well…I suppose that I could go back to digital. It’s just that I spend all day working on projects that way. And I have about 48 motorcycles that I may have to draw!

Wish me luck! 🙀



Welcome to the current iteration of my former life. I know, it’s been awhile. A lot has changed for me; I no longer work for the government and for awhile I worked in New York city. I’ve had several setbacks. Things could be much worse, lol.

I have kept up my art this time. I’ll do it until there’s no me to do it. And if that sounds morbid, rest assured it’s meant in a very funny way.

This poster was more about breaking me out of a funk I’d been in. Taking a chance on yourself can be scary, especially when it seems as though you aren’t going to be able to succeed!

Of course it wasn’t true; I just REALLY sucked at business. But as I kept going I got a little commission work for character development on a couple of books. I took a few classes. I’m not rich, but I’m getting there.

That painted look is getting easier to achieve with my work. Of course there is no paint involved; it’s just markers and pencils. But I’ve gotten better at it.

You can see the depth in detail. It’s taken a while to get to this level. I love doing superheroes and bodybuilders so this was fun for me.

I guess dealing with life has helped my art.

Sorry I was gone guys. Thanks for supporting me and coming back for more.

It’s Raining Bricks

      So…I bore easily. Really, REALLY easily and art has always been the way I daydream. It allowed me to create whole worlds and explore trains of thought otherwise denied to me. I couldn’t imagine NOT having the ability; it is my mutant power after all.

      But I did lose it. Which should have been a sign that I’d lost myself as well, but I didn’t notice in the mess that my sanity was becoming. In the end I lost everything I cared about and did some inpatient time in a mental care facility.

    Yeah, not my best moment. But it doesn’t even make the top ten list, so no worries.

     One of the things that they offered me, besides a lot of pills, was a chance to draw. They were stunned at what I could do; so was I, having almost completely forgotten. By degrees, I rebuilt me. By hand.

    You could say art saved me. I regained my sense of self. Accepted a new role with my family. Got a new job. I turned it around. 

     Art was there when I was down and out. Now I draw everyday. I have customers, which I still find weird, hahaha. I’m content.

    No happy ending. But my happy place is only a thought away.

That Guy


     I decided to see if I could duplicate a watercolor type style with my markers. This wasn’t a task I’ve attempted before; I’m a control freak when it comes to mediums. My watercolors aren’t very loose and flowing.


      Once I penciled everything in and started coloring, it went relatively quickly. I’m getting good at breaking images into high, medium and low values. Plus I was going for speed.


    When I was done, I felt pretty good about my completed project. Maybe a little too good. I posted it in a forum and asked for critiques. Everyone was very helpful. Then I got this question:

     “Why is he naked?”

     There’s always one…

Them or You


      It seems weird to see people stealing art to me. By stealing I don’t mean theft in the traditional way. I’m talking about claiming someone else’s credit and pieces.


       I once had an experience that showed me how awful a practice this was, where someone in high school took one of my original pieces, traced it and begin to claim credit. Then he sold mine!


      Needless to say I was very shocked and angry when I found out about this. I confronted my art teacher. You know what she said? “You shouldn’t get so attached to it”. That’s it. I laughed in her face and said “Of course. You steal kids art all the time, why should I expect a sham artists to get it?”

       Then I went out and beat the crap out of that kid. Yeah, yeah…life isn’t always about positive lessons. And I felt much better afterward.


     I am a lot older now, but the lesson of that moment, over time, has only been reinforced. Just as there are fake soldiers claiming to be warriors, there’s always going to be faux artists.


     If you are one of them STOP IT! Work at your craft! When I hear people put down hardworking artists who’ve paid their dues in thousands of hours of practice. It usually because seeing that level of talent makes them feel inferior. But everyone had to learn and get better. Hell, I still have a LONG way to go! But step by step I’m on the journey.


      The path is a well-known one. So get on!


Ass id


    I’m so excited! I had a little life crisis, but it’s no longer raining inside my house. The repairs took almost all of my holiday. Ih well…


   This is Melissa Sarah Wee. She’s a bodybuilder, obviously, and a really sweet person. Since I’m doing #inktober and doing a drawing a day, I decided to post the steps of her drawing on her page. She is the subject after all…

….the response was overwhelming.


      I’m getting a lot of requests for commissioned work. It’s weird to consider.  Until a month ago, I was telling myself it would be another month before I was ready to do this much work. Now I’m churning out more than I have in years!


    I’m sorry if this seems like bragging it’s just that I’m really starting to feel like an artist. Like I could conceivably be paid for it.


     I guess the lesson is if you have a huge passion for something,  do your best to not let it die. #lovetheprocess

Switch Throw


          I’ll never understand why some people are constantly being abject dirtbags. After all, what reward can there truly be in such behavior? I guess it’s a crime of consent; if you’re too “nice” to stop them, that’s your flaw not theirs…
         This little rant is due to a potential customer that I should have seen coming a mile away. The request seemed innocuous enough; a favor that was needed by someone who considered themselves a friend. My usual response is “what’s the favor? ” in which case I can freely refuse.

        I didn’t heed my own advice.

        So in the end I had to cancel all of it. Every bit. Of course the person is angry at me, but since they had NO INTENTION TO PAY,  I felt justified in my refusal. You heard right. They wanted an entire wall size painting of a 13 member family by Christmas as a favor.

      Parasites. You never know where you’ll find them.