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Friends with Adversaries

    Sometimes I can slip in a picture at work and this is one of those times. Think of it as an art study, the kind teachers usually put on a person the middle of the room.

     The drawing itself wasn’t the hard part. I knew the translucent quality of the bottle was what would try to kick my ass, so I begin by gameplaninng it first.

     Of course I couldn’t ignore the headphones! Getting the textures right proved to be technically easy. Harder edges with more separation in values gave things that hard plastic sheen.

    Now came the bottle itself. I began by laying out my mids and leaving highs as page white for now…

    …after which I begin to add reflections by using a darker red. It gave the illusion of a highly reflective surface, which made for a good starting point.

     From there I chose the original color I used to create my mids to add gradation to the bottle. It helped create the outline of the other speaker, as well as the twist grooves for the cap.

   Finally I used Deco Peach to go over the entire thing and add a bit of glossiness to the bottle. A white gel pen created the lettering and logo and it was done!

    I hope you guys like the end result.😊


Entertain US

       All phases of my life are at full throttle right now. Art, work, home, gym. I’m not burning the candle at both ends; I tossed it into a furnace!

     This has lead me to believe that I’m pretty lazy at heart. I don’t necessarily WANT to be doing this. But for now art is my version of being lazy.

        I know it probably doesn’t seem that way. For every picture i post here every week, there are dozens that I don’t. But honestly it doesn’t feel like work(sometimes). I get lost in it.

      The best ones almost feel like puzzles, where I’m figuring out the best way to bring out what I’m seeing. It’s not always easy and can be frustrating, but I have a knack for it.

        Like most artists, I want to make a living from what I love to do. And unfortunately, like a lot of artists, I suck at salesmanship. But I’m doing something about it.

     I started this blog because after trying to kill myself, it seemed therapeutic to write about my drawing. It made me try to understand why and what I was doing. Prior to that it was all instinct.

  Now it help clears my head and I genuinely enjoy sharing it. I like writing more than i thought I would. And I’m seeing my art as more than just a hobby or therapy. 

Extraneous Persons


     I’m not sure how anyone will feel about my next picture. So I won’t ask, lol. Today someone ran into my car, so that’s how I get to start the week. So if I seem a little bummed, please be kind.


     I always knew that line work or pencil drawing was important, but this picture helped me understand HOW important. It’s everything! I found myself having to clean it up several times.


     Although a lot of the time coloring and bringing out detail is where my heart lies, making a good foundation can simplify the whole process .


      Since this was colored with markers and I’m self taught, it took awhile, experimenting to find the best technique for getting a more realistic look. I finally fell back on my watercoloring experience to recreate the look I wanted. Although I don’t have a huge pallet, it seems to work well.


     Of course there are places where I need textures and the art markers aren’t always the best for that. Luckily, I remembered that I could still use watercolor on some papers the results have been pretty helpful.

Model for Sale


     Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was a little hectic; had some chores to do and it took the entire weekend almost! Oh well, at least I accomplished a lot.


      I got to “attend” an artist seminar via webinar, which got me amped up to do a few more images. The topic was “don’t put off your dream projects”.


        I’ll admit to doing just that recently. There have been a lot of customer oriented stuff coming out of me lately and I can feel my needle dipping below”E”. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my projects; a lot of them have been really fun! But to be honest, I haven’t pushed myself in any of them and that needs to change.


         So I sat down last night and made a checklist of all the things I’ve wanted to draw in the past 6 months. I figure that it’s a good starting point.


      I have to be honest. A few of them make me a little nauseous thinking about them! It’ll be okay though. Time to grow!


So get ready for some upgrades. Because since these will be mine, I won’t have to clear posting the work. In the meantime, enjoy your week.


Pretty People Don’t Lie


     There’s a reason now for why this isn’t linked to my Facebook page. I’m being harangued by a lot of pretty girls to draw their images. Remember the redhead I was drawing for awhile? Well she’s a close friend (eyes front buddy, no hanky panky here) and she put the word out.

       Anyway…yes the above image looks a little sketchy. Usually I would do my lines and delete it; it never occurred to me that I was leaving out a whole step in my process. My bad!


Maybe this step too?

     Lately I’ve noticed that my hand shakes. Not a lot. I’m sure a normal person wouldn’t notice,  but the ability to create smooth arcing lines is kinda useful. I’ll admit that formal training may help, so I’m going to take some art classes next semester. Stay tuned…