Extraneous Persons


     I’m not sure how anyone will feel about my next picture. So I won’t ask, lol. Today someone ran into my car, so that’s how I get to start the week. So if I seem a little bummed, please be kind.


     I always knew that line work or pencil drawing was important, but this picture helped me understand HOW important. It’s everything! I found myself having to clean it up several times.


     Although a lot of the time coloring and bringing out detail is where my heart lies, making a good foundation can simplify the whole process .


      Since this was colored with markers and I’m self taught, it took awhile, experimenting to find the best technique for getting a more realistic look. I finally fell back on my watercoloring experience to recreate the look I wanted. Although I don’t have a huge pallet, it seems to work well.


     Of course there are places where I need textures and the art markers aren’t always the best for that. Luckily, I remembered that I could still use watercolor on some papers the results have been pretty helpful.


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