I spent all of last week working for free and moving out of my home. Fun fact; landlords won’t consider being furloughed as a job, so even though I sold my home, I’m currently living in a hotel.


Drawing superheroes is a personal favourite of mine. Trying to imagine someone in a realistic way can be fun, because you can put your own slant on the character.

However, when drawing a cosplayer, you have to reign in this desire, to a certain degree. It may seem odd, but I still manage to add a little fantasy to the mix, much to the delight of the subject.

I’m still going for realism, but part of it is getting the personality right. That’s very important.

Someone who has taken the time to bring a character to life deserves a chance to see themselves immersed in the reality that they are representing. So I try to bring that to life for them. 😊

See you next year.


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