I made a HUGE mistake. My bosses know that I can do not only video graphics, but also art. So guess what my last two weeks have been like?

So things stopped being simple. I started being “volunteered” for flyers, website images, team logos…and I realized that I had to nip it in the bud.

At the next meeting, I announced that I would no longer be mixing my personal and professional lives, that pending a significant pay increase with the resulting equipment, that I would no longer work on ANY art based projects.

It was definitely a surprise to everyone! But I ended up talking with my supervisor and explaining how uncomfortable it had been for me. And he understood!

So now things are back to normal. I even did a graphic recently. You know… not being a hardass, lol. And who knows, maybe someday it will be my job. But for now, I’ll keep editing videos and photos.

My art will be mine.

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