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     Yeah yeah, I know. ” What the hell is he doing posting in the middle of the week?” 

    Well two reasons. One, Lee Binks of #leebinksfitness is competing in the Arnold Europe, so I decided to draw her as motivation. I’m cool like that. Go Lee!

      The other is that I was trying out a new sketchpad. However, I forgot an important factor; paperweight. It absorbs ink, but only to a limit, so it was resistant to my usual technique. Ugh!!

    So I got more of a watercolor look. See? So never stop learning or trying something new. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

Never Say Bae


    This picture was almost a travesty. It all could have gone so wrong. I don’t no how I miscalculated so badly, but I managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! For you see….

   I ran out of deco pink.


     “Oh my god stop the presses!” you may be thinking. But you see, that’s the base color layer for this image. I was forced to use another color further up, light peach. It shifted my entire pallet.


    It was the best skin tone yet.

     In fact, I think it’ll become a favorite. Accidents and incidents can work in your favor. You just gotta roll with it, baby😉.