Ass id


    I’m so excited! I had a little life crisis, but it’s no longer raining inside my house. The repairs took almost all of my holiday. Ih well…


   This is Melissa Sarah Wee. She’s a bodybuilder, obviously, and a really sweet person. Since I’m doing #inktober and doing a drawing a day, I decided to post the steps of her drawing on her page. She is the subject after all…

….the response was overwhelming.


      I’m getting a lot of requests for commissioned work. It’s weird to consider.  Until a month ago, I was telling myself it would be another month before I was ready to do this much work. Now I’m churning out more than I have in years!


    I’m sorry if this seems like bragging it’s just that I’m really starting to feel like an artist. Like I could conceivably be paid for it.


     I guess the lesson is if you have a huge passion for something,  do your best to not let it die. #lovetheprocess


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