It’s.#inktober! So for this month, I have to do a drawing in pen, marker or ink of some type everyday.


     Of course,  I’m not going to post each and every one,  though you’ll probably end up seeing them all. Plus it never hurts to practice a bunch…


      Its been tough though. First I injured a finger on my drawing hand.It became all swollen and discolored. The pain wasn’t too bad,  but I hated doing anything with it.


         Then my roof fell in in my kitchen! Apparently it had been built wrong to start with and came down with a crash. I’m scrambling now to install a new one.


     Despite all of the nonsense, I cranked out a picture a day without fail. More to the point I’m learning how to streamline my process.


        So that’s it for now. I’m learning a lot about the business side of art as well. Hopefully I will be able to put it to use soon!


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