This has been a slow week, but a pleasant one. I want to complain, but that’s just a reflection of my mood.

     The thumbnails are a big hit! People are really happy to receive them and so far have been willing to pay up to $10 so far! Pretty cool…


     My bigger images are starting to get a bit of love, which makes me feel as though they’re worthwhile. My style is definitely coming through and people seem to want to buy whatever I make.


    The stages it takes to draw can start feeling stale to a certain degree, so I try to switch it up for my own sanity, lol.


  With this image I decided to forego the usual realistic approach and just try to convey a more cartoon style image. Not too cartoony ; just enough to get the point across.


     That’s it for now. I have an immense amount of yard work to do! Hope you guys enjoy the images.


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