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Ginger means Red

I have a LOT of red haired female friends. Some are natural, some not. Most are green eyed, a couple are blue. It’s become a challenge to draw them all.

Of particular interest is their hair. A wild combination of orange, yellow tan and brown. It’s always fun to get the mixture right.

This time though, I specifically decided to try to create a more cartoonish look.

I’m sure that I could have gone more over the top, but she was very happy with the end result. In the end, that’s what matters. And since I finished in one sitting, I recorded it! Enjoy and have a nice week!😊


Add a Little

Hey guys! The holiday is over and we can all go back to not feeling guilty about not having a postcard life. I didn’t call anyone; there’s no one to call anymore.

Anyway, I’m working at creating new art, so here’s a video of a previous piece that I worked on. Like most, Chadwick Boseman played a lot of characters, but it was his role as Tchalla, the Black Panther, that made me happy.

When he passed it felt so unfair! I had to do something with that energy. So like many of my fellow artists I did a picture of him.

This is the video of that process. Enjoy.

Dancing Pants

Well, I finished! After several trips and lots of stress I can relax a little. So I spent the night finishing my painting and making a clip of my work 😊

I try to be positive as much as possible, but sometimes it’s a difficult task. But I’m starting to separate my grief from my daily life.

I’m already starting on a project that would have been timely a week ago. With video! Should be fun.

Everyone Needs

Sorry about the background. I’d left the transparency, instead of adding a layer of white. For some reason, it’s expressing as black.


Anyway, here’s my first digital picture in awhile. My process is pretty simple, all things considered.

A line drawing by pencil, transferred to Photoshop as a layer, copied over as line work then filled with an establishing color.

It was a bit easier; I guess my skills have improved quite a bit, which makes me happy.

The work on this was relaxing for me. It was a nice return to why I loved drawing in the first place.

I wasn’t trying to please anyone. I just put myself in the moment and did my best. Seems like great advice and definitely the kind I should take.

The final result actually garnered me some interest with a gym interested in making shirts and stuff. The owner is a professional bodybuilder who likes my style.

So being myself paid off.

Color Blind, part 2


       Wanna hear something funny? When I dropped in my color for this image, I did it in color! Had to correct that after I realized it. From there I create a clipping mask and began adding my highlights and shadows, each separately. I’m allowing a little bleed over into the hairline because it helps set up the tones I need for the scalp.


      Next I add the hair and eyebrows. When I feather in the edges of hair I like to use a custom brush that I got from another artist, Genzoman. I don’t always want to make them and a good idea is a good idea, especially if it’s freely given. The eyebrows are a little too dark, so I’ll erase them with a low opacity soft eraser to get them right.


     When you’re doing eyes,  it’s hard sometimes to not go overboard with detail. I create a more realistic look when I dial it back a little. Also it took awhile to not add little bright dots for highlights the way I did when I drew anime style characters. It’s a good look in that context, but a little soft brush goes a long way.


     Finally, I began texturing the hair. I didn’t want to go for a flat sheen. Too plain.  So I added some stray strands to give it personality.

      So now I’m almost set! Next time you’ll see the final product, so keep an eye out!