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Welcome to the current iteration of my former life. I know, it’s been awhile. A lot has changed for me; I no longer work for the government and for awhile I worked in New York city. I’ve had several setbacks. Things could be much worse, lol.

I have kept up my art this time. I’ll do it until there’s no me to do it. And if that sounds morbid, rest assured it’s meant in a very funny way.

This poster was more about breaking me out of a funk I’d been in. Taking a chance on yourself can be scary, especially when it seems as though you aren’t going to be able to succeed!

Of course it wasn’t true; I just REALLY sucked at business. But as I kept going I got a little commission work for character development on a couple of books. I took a few classes. I’m not rich, but I’m getting there.

That painted look is getting easier to achieve with my work. Of course there is no paint involved; it’s just markers and pencils. But I’ve gotten better at it.

You can see the depth in detail. It’s taken a while to get to this level. I love doing superheroes and bodybuilders so this was fun for me.

I guess dealing with life has helped my art.

Sorry I was gone guys. Thanks for supporting me and coming back for more.



         Took a break from the craziness of competitor art to do a piece for a facebook friend. A lot of people seem to like it, so it’s something that I’m glad to have completed.


         To keep from losing interest or burning out,  I decided to do something with the prismacolor markers that came with my college tools. To be honest, I never understood the big craze for using them; digital art was new to me and more exciting. However, now that everyone and their mother are extolling the copic markers, I decided to try them.


      Right away there was a different feel to the technique of using them. It felt more…digital. It was as though the layering of colors that I used in Photoshop applied! After that, I was into it.


        While I wouldn’t want to draw this way all the time,  it could easily find it’s place among my skill sets.  I was drawing on Bristol board paper, but I’ll check to see if something better is out there. In the meantime, it’s back to my regularly scheduled projects…