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      So, here I am on the Camden line train,  headed home. Usually Friday night is my pool playing night, but since someone at Otakon broke into my vehicle, I have no pool cue.

      Die screaming,  thief.

       So, as kind of a lark, this week has been about me doing traditional artwork with prisma colors. It’s not a bad way to remind myself of certain principles that are needed for digital work. For instance, making sure you have complimentary colors!


      You also have to have and idea of what you’re creating. Believe me, I envy guys who can whip ideas out of thin air. But I need a little feeling out time with my images…


It looks less boring this way

      Of course, I can tell that my sense of proportion suffered while I worked exclusively in the digital medium (band name, called it!) So breaking out the sketchbook or watercolors freshens up those tactile abilities. Don’t forget!  As for me I have a mermaid to finish, so I’m turning up the Tommy Heavenly6!