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What’s the weirdest day that you’ve had so far this year? Mine was Sunday and it involved This picture…

So, when I draw publicly, I usually meet two kinds of people: those who love my work and others. Well I met a new version of human, the student artist.

God help me.

I had a wonderful young lady with horrible self esteem sit right next to me and begin trying to draw the EXACT SAME PICTURE. I didn’t say anything. I let it go.

Then she nudges me to ask for paper. I looked at her and handed her one sheet of my marker paper. Not happy about it, but it wasn’t worth making a scene.

Then she tried to grab some markers.

I took them back and told her that this wasn’t group activity. So she screamed at me and threw her coffee and left.

I have no idea why it happened. It definitely killed my mood. I actually had a girl ask me if my girlfriend was okay! I explained that I didn’t know her and that she was taking my supplies. She didn’t seem to believe me.



In case you don’t understand the current reaction…

End of rant. On to art.

    So after a particularly vivid nightmare, started working on this script this week. It took five hours; this surprised me.

      You see, when I was a kid(hell, even now lol) I loved comics. Especially Marvel. Being artistic and all, I figured it was a cinch that I’d work there one day. I looked forward to it and one day I took a bold step. 

    I sent in a bunch of panels. 

     After what felt like I a century I got a letter. A rejection letter. I was crushed and decided maybe I wasn’t meant to be an artist after all. That I’d have to settle for my back up career as test pilot or astronaut. My drawing was covered in red ink corrections, a sure sign of authority. Damn.

     Years later I met the guy who sent me that letter, Jim Shooter. I told him about it and he asked how old I was when I did it. Six, I replied.

      The man was inconsolable. He actually teared up and told me he was sorry about it. He asked if I’d put my age on it. Hadn’t considered that. “No.” If I still drew. At that time, the answer was no. 

    I’m fine. My life has been a comic of sorts, full of adventure travel and tragedy, hahaha. No I didn’t become an astronaut, but I worked for NASA and met several. I even have a piece of Hubble’s old thermal shield, brought back after the lens repair mission.

   And I draw again. I don’t have any dreams attached to my art anymore. It’s for me mostly, with an occasional commission thrown in, mostly for ego sake. 

      Because I love art😉.