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Insulted by Kindness


        It’s Friday! You can find comfort in knowing that I’ve been busy,  but not overworked this week. I’m trying to be better.


        The best part of this month is that my son comes home from Afghanistan! I’m really happy and hope we still get along. You never come back the same person. I know.


         The nerves at least are better.



      For a change of pace, I pulled out my sketchbook and begin to draw the old fashioned way. It helps me get my sense of scale back, as well as the touch needed to create. I’m not much for imaginary images (yet), so these exercises help me somewhat.

       There has been an increase in difficulty with gaining new customers lately. One of the artists who mentors me said to not be surprised in lulls when it comes to clients and to take any downtime to work on personally gratifying projects. I do have a pretty ambitious one in mind…

      A single picture containing every single member of my family who ever served this country.

      As you’d expect from four generations worth, that’s a large undertaking. Add to that the need to procure images and information…yep, not a small task.

     Guess I better get started, huh?

Quickly Go Slow


   So after pretty much nothing in January, I seem to be loading up the box this month! I have some weird clients and a few don’t want to have their stuff displayed at ALL.  I guess I’ll have to change my contracts to accommodate my own right to display what I create. As long as I’m not mass producing (or selling) personal art,I foresee no issues.

    My kid is crazy about his picture!  Unfortunately, so are the rest of my family, and what I feared would happen has already begun to come to pass. I’m getting pics of kids,  husbands, nieces and others sent to me,  “as a favor”. No. Hell no! So I explained that my art was like owning a store and that EVERYONE had to pay for the goods therein.

   No freebies.

   Then I posted my current contract and pay scale and offered to provide the same services I’d given uncle Roland.

   We’ll see if anyone was serious…won’t we?