Cafe Muse Part 2


Today I turned on my brain and decided to make a screen capture of what I’m doing. That way you can see the layers and whatnot that I use. For example, here I’m cleaning up my lines and making sure my artwork is consistent with the image. its not easy, but these little touches are what  help make this piece. It’s always a good idea to do cleanup.


Using your selection tool, highlight your canvas. Since I’m on a PC, ctrl/shift/I inverts the tool so that it selects only the artwork. Also I make sure to use my outline layer for this. Its locked so that any mistakes I make won’t affect it. (accidents do happen!)


Under my line layers I create another layer and label it “dark”. My selections are still up; however only the highlighted layer will receive the affect of any action I take next. I select my dark layer and, using the paintbucket tool, I add a layer of color. notice that since I put it on a layer below the line work, I can still see my art on top of the color.


Here it gets a little interesting. After making another layer above dark, I use the lasso tool to pick all of my midtone areas. These aren’t world class accurate, but I get them as close as possible. From here its a simple matter of filling the selections with a color chosen with the paintbrush tool. Afterward don’t forget to deselect your area by simply pressing the D key on your keyboard.


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