Cafe Muse, part 1


To begin I know a lot of guys make little composite sketches and practice in different colors and things to get started. That has never worked for me. All the work I’ve done that way always feel stiff and forced. I learned to draw by myself and didn’t get much in the way in formal education in techniques. Hell, my first art paper were the backs of my homework and whatever pencil my mom bought for school. I would start a picture from the part of the person I found most interesting, in this case her hand, which seems to be cupping her breast. This is how I work when I’m using source material; when it comes to original works from my noggin, I definitely will do a rough sketch first!

Because of my haphazard way of starting my pics, I tend to use really large canvases then crop them to size. So for major shapes or general outlines, I always try to use a brush size that is at least 3 points larger than the detail brush. Also, I try to keep these disparate line types on separate layers. That way if I don’t like my fine lines or overall outline, I can change them without affecting the entire image. Don’t forget to change the name of your layers so you don’t get the two mixed up and lock anylayer and group you’re not working on. Its easier than going back in the history to fix a mistake!

Well, that’s it for now. Next up will be colors and I promise more pictures


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