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Crumple Zones

Apparently, my family has big plans for my trip home on Thanksgiving. Personally, I’m just trying to lose enough weight to meet my end of year goals, but my mom has other ideas.

      My work is coming along nicely. I can’t wait for this month to be over! There are a lot of reasons, with the whole issue of art projects being a small part.

     I also have home repair, and several work projects that require travel. It’s as though life waited until #inktober to pile on!

    Still, I’m a little amazed at my ability to juggle all of it. What was so daunting at the start of the month has become at worst a mildly exasperating endeavor. And I can see the end of the month rapidly approaching.

 Go me.

Telekinetic Tykes Taste Terrible

    I have to get more organized! I have the script for multiple pages and the time to knock out a few every week. Good right? Well…

      The problem is that I still have a full time job. A great one, but it kinda consumes a lot of my time. I try not to let it get out of hand. With all the video production planned this month, it’s been a bit of a tightrope. 

     So I’ve decided to eliminate any and all social interaction for now. Except I’m doing photography and video at a pro bodybuilding show this weekend and that’s VERY time consuming! What have I done?! How am I going to meet my obligations? WHAT IF I FAIL?!!!!

                        *deep breaths*

     Okay. I have six pages. It’s no Illiad, but a short story should still be worth telling. I’ll give it my best, as always.

     At least you guys are in it with me. Thanks for that. 😊

The Road So Far…

      The last time I wrote you guys, I remarked that you only get to see a tiny amount of my output. This is very true and there’s a couple of reasons for it. 

    Truth be told, I tend not to sell much of what I make. This is from a decision I made long ago about keeping my art pure. When my entire portfolio was stolen years ago, I came to a couple of conclusions; that people didn’t deserve to see my stuff and that it wasn’t that important.

     Now I clearly changed my mind about people because I’m essentially a nice person and visual art is meant to be seen. But my love for my art was diminished by a realization that it would be gone one day.

     What rewired the concept in my head was having my son leave home and go out into the world. True I miss him, but that’s what children do; they grow up and go out to make their mark in the world. My art isn’t my baby. 

      It’s my child, grown up and ready to be seen by the world.

       So yeah, I’m back to selling pieces. And yeah, I’ll still be posting here once a week, showing you guys the steps I take to creating it. Some will be sophisticated pieces, others will be sketches. But they’re all my children.

     Welcome them into your world.

No Year Love

    Yesterday,a after a weekend of cosplay and muscle cars, I decided to take a little time to relax. There aren’t many places in my small suburb where a person can do so; Starbuck’s being one of those. So I found a corner table slipped on my headphones, Irished up my green tea and got to work.

     Since I am a fan of auto racing, I begin to draw. I heart radio was playing American top 40, but I had a problem.
     People kept interrupting me.

     I get it. I’m doing something you find interesting and you have questions. But headphones are the universal sign for “do not disturb”.

    One guy in particular was a complete ass about it. Finally came and stuck his hand right in my face while I was in the middle of doing line work. Which caused me to mess up. Which caused me to freak out on him.

  That’s me. I am not a small man. So me standing up and telling him “if you stick your hand in my face again, I’m going to break it in several places before I return it!!” had the effect I wanted. But I hated it because my mood was completely ruined. Worse, I was angry and it’d take awhile to relax enough to be in my groove again.

I went outside. Just sat at a table and stared into traffic until I calmed down. I started drawing. My only happy place.

Trespassers beware.

Never Say Bae


    This picture was almost a travesty. It all could have gone so wrong. I don’t no how I miscalculated so badly, but I managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat! For you see….

   I ran out of deco pink.


     “Oh my god stop the presses!” you may be thinking. But you see, that’s the base color layer for this image. I was forced to use another color further up, light peach. It shifted my entire pallet.


    It was the best skin tone yet.

     In fact, I think it’ll become a favorite. Accidents and incidents can work in your favor. You just gotta roll with it, baby😉.


Model for Sale


     Hey guys! Hope you had an amazing weekend. Mine was a little hectic; had some chores to do and it took the entire weekend almost! Oh well, at least I accomplished a lot.


      I got to “attend” an artist seminar via webinar, which got me amped up to do a few more images. The topic was “don’t put off your dream projects”.


        I’ll admit to doing just that recently. There have been a lot of customer oriented stuff coming out of me lately and I can feel my needle dipping below”E”. Not that I haven’t enjoyed my projects; a lot of them have been really fun! But to be honest, I haven’t pushed myself in any of them and that needs to change.


         So I sat down last night and made a checklist of all the things I’ve wanted to draw in the past 6 months. I figure that it’s a good starting point.


      I have to be honest. A few of them make me a little nauseous thinking about them! It’ll be okay though. Time to grow!


So get ready for some upgrades. Because since these will be mine, I won’t have to clear posting the work. In the meantime, enjoy your week.




   Today’s image is of a sketch I made of Dean Winchester from the television show “Supernatural”. It’s part of a larger profile image; so right now I’m just practicing characters.


    Even though my work tends to have a more graphic feel when I draw with a pen, I find that pencil work leaves me with a more realistic image. I drew Sam with pen, so Dean gets the alternative look. I’ll decide which is better.


   Did I mention that I’m not using references? Yeah it’s MUCH harder because of that! I think I have a pretty good bead on their overall looks; making the resemblance transfer is the tricky part. I doubt I have that problem with Hank and Dean Venture, the other duo in my project.

Feel Good


     I’ve started a new image and a new process. I’m drawing Optimus Prime! The beginning is easy; I start out with a basic wireframe style sketch to get the pose right, then fill in and make his basic shapes. A trick I picked up from my more technical design friends is to get a couple of shape stencils. These things are awesome!


The stencil was a wise $5 investment


       Once again the equipment given to me by Westwood College has been an enormous help. I’ve already laid down my lines, now I simply began to shade in my shapes with my prismacolor markers. Think of these surfaces as a collection of individual cubes. Pick your lighting source and direction. Shade accordingly.



Finish allof one color, then work the next

      So far so good. To make sure I’m doing a good job at the colors, I have a test pad for my blends. After all, they need to compliment each other…



Something metallic to reference light sources


     Finally its time for the middle area. I decided against the chrome look and went for a flat metallic feel.



That's just prime!

     Anyway, that’s my quick drawing of Optimus. I think I have a drawing of the Mighty Orbots in me soon. We’ll see…